Unlike other DJ companies, we concentrate all our energy into one superior state of the art sound and lighting effects to bring you the best and most unforgettable disc jockey entertainment ever.

plasma screens


The Nightmoves music library consist of an infinite number of songs ranging from the swing sounds of the 1940's to the mega dance sounds of today. Finding your special song will never be a problem...It'll be our pleasure to make your party a classy & elegant, cool & swinging, smashing' 'n' thrashing' fun and exciting, get down, get funky, groovy kind of party.

If you prefer your entertainment with a twist then look no further Nightmoves features optional special appearances by:

Disco King "Joey Bagadonuts."
Direct from Leningrad in the USSR - Tatsiana Deyvoushka.
Right out of the MTV studios- It's Brittney
Keeping the peace at your affair is "Rumble Reff Jeff."
Right out of the chicken coop, it's "Cotton Eyed Joe."
From the Bridge, it's the "Commodore"
VOLTAGE VINCE...The Electric Slide Guy